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frostedhearts's Journal

frostedhearts - Graphics journal of Jos & Kayli
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Jos { guidemetosaftey } is a Natural Science student in highscool. Lives in Frösön, Sweden and spends her time studying&being online. Kayli { kaylii_xo } is an IT student from Bournemouth, England. Wants to quit IT & do forensic science. Likes to spend most of her life online and making graphics. Loves her friends and college ♥
T H E G R A P H I C S / R U L E S +
We aren't strict with our graphics, but we do ask you to credit the user you take a graphic from and/or link to this community. Also please upload anything to your own album so it doesn't use up all our bandwith ♥ Kayli's resources can be found here and Jos's here

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{afterthefall_x} Bournemouth, England. IT student. Wants to quit IT & do forensic science. Photoshopper for xx years.
fandoms: Twilight, Supernatural, Private Practice, Dexter, Gossip Girl, The Mentalist, One Tree Hill, Bones, Cold Case, CSI, CSI:NY, 90210.

{guidemetosaftey} Frösön, Sweden. Natural Science senior in highschool. Reads alot, mostly fiction.Stumbled across icon-making roughly two years ago &. Uses Photoshop CS3.
fandoms: Gossip Girl, Twilight, ER, LOST, Supernatural, Bones, One Tree Hill, House MD, Gilmore Girls, the Hills, the O.C